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The $100 SimpliCam is SimpliSafe’s long-awaited response to customers wanting a camera as part of their home security setup. Buy one (or several) to accompany your DIY SimpliSafe system — or just use them as standalone cameras.

While 100 bucks is a pretty good price for a 720p live-streaming camera, SimpliSafe borrows the same surprisingly rigid fee model from its existing system. That means it charges (optional, but largely necessary) monthly fees, even for the most basic features. Want to view live video via the web app? There’s a monthly fee. How about event-based cloud video storage? Yep, same deal. 

Now that so many other DIY security systems — and cameras — exist in the market, SimpliSafe’s approach is growing increasingly stale. Live streaming and other standard features worked fine for me, but is this thing worth $100 (roughly £75 and AU$125 converted)? Absolutely not. 

What can you get with $100 (or less)?

Comparing security cameras

After reviewing the key features offered on three DIY indoor cameras that cost at or under $100, SimpliSafe’s SimpliCam clearly lags behind. The $60 Lynx camera by Tend Secure has the best price, resolution and free cloud storage offering. It has pretty solid facial recognition capabilities, too — also totally freeiSmartAlarm’s Spot wins in terms of storage choices, since it comes with cloud and local storage (the microSD card is not included). Spot also works with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT for creating advanced smart home automations.

SimpliCam just doesn’t do enough to justify its purchase. That’s particularly true when you compare it to other security cameras in roughly the same price range. Would you rather have free cloud storage or pay $5 per month for it? The choice is simple. 

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