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AOC C4008VU8 Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET



AOC’s 40-inch curved C4008VU sounds nice, albeit not as fab as it might seem. On one hand, it’s obviously big and the 4K UHD resolution (3,840×2,160) display offers a reasonable number of pixels to cover all that surface area. Plus, in contrast to the 34-inch curved models it has a standard 16:9 aspect ratio rather than 21:9, making it better for watching movies. The price isn’t bad for such a big display, either, about $900 though both B&H and Amazon are offering it for less than $850.

But it doesn’t really have a wide gamut as claimed — it’s bigger than sRGB, which is the standard for many monitors — but it’s realtively small to recommend for design, photo editing or video editing. Its rating of 85 percent NTSC is equivalent to about 84 percent Adobe RGB. And the MVA panel it uses tends to be less color-accurate than IPS. Nor is the pixel density very high as claimed, since on a 40-inch display, 4K UHD works out to only about 101 pixels per inch, which is actually a little less than a Quad HD (2,560×1,440) 27-inch monitor. So while you can fit more on the display — which is certainly a big plus — it’s probably not sharper or better at displaying detail.

Its curve radius of 1800R is a little looser than the same radius on a 34-inch versions as well.

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